The Best Knee Brace: Reviews and What You Need to Know

The Best Knee Brace

When people want to prevent injuries in their knees during a sports activity or they want to avoid worsening an already existing injury, a knee brace is usually the answer.
While there are doctors who recommend it, others don’t think it’s a good idea to wear a knee brace when you are already suffering from an injury and would like to continue being active. According to those people, it may do more harm than good. There is no concrete answer at the moment regarding this debate.
Nevertheless, most people still go for a knee brace when they think they need it. Braces are made of different combinations of metal, foam, plastic, or elastic material and straps that are meant to secure it around your knee. They are also available in different styles, sizes, and colors.

How to Find the Best Knee Brace For You

You’re interested in wearing a knee brace, but you are overwhelmed with your options and you don’t know where to start. How do you know which type suits your condition best? And how do you know whether you even need a knee brace or not? Here are the things that you need to consider first before buying a knee brace.

Types of Knee Brace

There are different types of knee brace for different purposes. Before deciding on one, you should know which type is necessary for your condition.
1.  Functional Braces – these are used for knees that have already suffered a major injury that has already completely healed. Functional braces help stabilize the knees and control their motion so they don’t get injured that easily again.
2.  Rehabilitative braces – these are used during the early weeks immediately after an injury or surgery on the knees. They help stabilize the knee during the healing period but allows for some movement.
3.  Prophylactic braces – these are braces that are used to prevent injuries during rough sports, and are therefore used by most athletes.
4.  Unloader braces – these are for people who suffer from arthritis in the knees. The name “unloader” comes from its function, which is to “unload” the knees of the body’s weight and shift it to other undamaged areas.
5.  Knee sleeves – While knee sleeves are not technically braces, they are still the most common knee support because they compress the area around the knee joints and control pain and swelling when needed.

Styles of Knee Brace

There are two styles of knee brace that you can choose from, depending on what you are comfortable with:
1.  Slip-on knee braces – these are slid onto the knee by slipping your foot into it and pulling up, and it should always be the right size for it to fit perfectly.
2.  Wraparound knee braces – these are more forgiving when worn because they are wrapped around the knees, placed either in front of or behind the knee, and the fit is adjusted with straps.

What size do I need?

The best size for you will depend on the type and style of knee brace that you will choose. Most knee braces sold in stores include the measurements needs for the right fit. You can measure yourself and compare your numbers with available sizing charts to determine your size. If you find that you are between sizes, it is recommended that you get the larger size.

Do I need a knee brace?

Not everyone needs a knee brace, just because you are injured doesn’t automatically mean you haveto get one. Remember that some doctors believe in the benefits of wearing a knee brace while some don’t, but it’s still best to consult your doctor regarding the matter. After all, they know what’s best for your condition.
If your doctor gives it a go, make sure to ask them which type and style of knee brace will suit your needs.





  Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support  $  4.7/5
  CopperJoint Copper Knee Sleeve, #1 Compression Fit Support  $$  3.9/5
  Mava Sports Knee Support Sleeves (Pair) for Joint Pain and Arthritis Relief  $  4.4/5
  Knee Brace Support Sleeve  $$  4.5/5
  Bracoo Knee Support  $  4.2/5
  McDavid 429X Hinged Knee Brace with Cross Straps  $$  4.1/5
  Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Support & Compression  $$$  4.7/5
  Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter with Bilateral Hinges  $$  4.1/5
  Rehband Rx Knee Support 5mm  $$  4.5/5
  Total Range of Motion Hinged Knee Support Brace  $$$  4.2/5

UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support

With the newest 3D technology and high-quality materials, UFlex Athletics have produced the ultimate sporting equipment for all sizes of women, men, and kids. The knee brace remains comfortable yet fashionable and stylish with its 4-way stretch capability and offers great support for both athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.


  • Suitable for all sports activities that put stress on joints like running, cycling, hiking, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and more.
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Gets rid of soreness and stiffness
  • Has heating effect for muscle recovery
  • Aids in recovery of runner’s/jumper’s knee, arthritis, and tendonitis
  • Features an anti-slip silicone that helps with stable compression during gym session
  • Choose the best knee brace and support suitable for women, men, and kids with the size chart


  • This knee brace is suitable not just for one type of activity but for anything you might possibly need it for.
  • It’s great for running or hiking and for lifting weights.
  • It has great quality and seems like it will last a long time.
  • It reduces joint pain so you could exercise without any disruption.
  • It prevents any kind of discomfort and pain from physical activities.
  • It has a non-slip surface so it doesn’t slip around or curl down the leg.
  • It fits really snugly and is comfortable.
  • Any injury improves dramatically.
  • The sizing chart is really helpful for finding your proper fit.


  • None

If you are the kind of person who likes to be active but is suffering from injuries or chronic joint pain, UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve is the perfect garment to help you deal with that.
It supports your knee through any kind of physical activity, avoids possible injuries and reduces any existing pain, and stays comfortable whatever you do. It’s great for any sports activities and everyday tasks, too. Whether you are an athlete or a sufferer of arthritis, look into the UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support and see what you’ve been missing out on.

CopperJoint Copper Knee Sleeve

For durable, lightweight and comfortable support, CopperJoint Copper Knee Sleeve is the perfect choice. It keeps your knee secure and warm, so any soreness or stiffness is reduced as you move around easily. It’s made with silicones to make sure you don’t get rashes from having it on all day, and it’s easy to put on and fits really well once you get your proper size.


  • Anti-slip system (double silicone wave) ensures that your sleeve stays where it is no matter what you do
  • Relieves muscle stiffness and soreness and promotes joint recovery
  • Offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, pain and discomfort
  • 88% top quality copper-infused nylon eliminates odors
  • Breathable fabric keeps an optimal temperature around joints
  • Made with anti-itch UPF 50+ material
  • Ergonomic design for full-range motion and mobility
  • Comfortable and non-irritating
  • Easy to wear and keeps you dry and comfortable with moisture wicking design


  • It stays comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.
  • It completely gets rid of knee pain so you can move freely despite injury.
  • It supports the knee joints so you can prevent any further injuries.
  • It gives a pleasant cooling and warming sensation for reducing pain.
  • It fits really well yet stays breathable.
  • It’s easy to put on and take off.
  • It’s easy to clean and wash.
  • It has sun protection so you can wear it together with your other UPF clothing.


  • None

CopperJoint Copper Knee Sleeve is the answer to your constant knee pain from arthritis or other conditions like tendonitis and fibromyalgia. With this, you can walk around, do your errands comfortably, and exercise to your heart’s desire without any interruption from pain or stiffness. The sleeves fit perfectly and give off a warming sensation to soothe pain and for faster healing.

Mava Sports Knee Support Sleeves

Are your joint pain and sensitive skin bothering you and keeping you from getting active? Mava Sports Knee Support Sleeves might be the one to help you. It’s not just designed to reduce inflammation, swelling, and stiffness and for protection, it’s also made with bamboo charcoal fiber to keep sensitive skin from being irritated from being in constant contact with the garment.


  • Comfortable knee support without any stiffness
  • No itching or slipping with its non-slip material
  • Full mobility and comfort
  • Ergonomic shape to prevent injuries and accelerate recovery
  • Provides relief from osteoporosis, swelling, post-surgery pain, as well as strains and pains
  • Easy to wear everyday because the material is light and soft
  • Unisex design
  • Works well for cardio, cross-training, weight lifting, and all other types of exercise


  • It gives off a nice warming effect to the knees.
  • It fits snugly without hurting.
  • It stays comfortable the whole time you’re wearing it.
  • It stays put wherever you put it and doesn’t slide or curl down.
  • It doesn’t cause the area it’s wrapped around to sweat even with the warm sensation.
  • No sweating means no stinking as well.
  • It greatly reduces pain from arthritis, tendonitis, and other chronic body pains.
  • It works well for supporting your knees through rough sports and cardio or weight lifting.


  • The sizes run a little small, so get one size up from the one you usually get.

Mava Sports Knee Support Sleeves is another knee sleeve that is great for all purposes. You can use it for support when exercising, to stop pain and swelling from chronic body pain, or for everyday use when recovering from an injury.
Although the sizes are a bit smaller than support sleeves from other brands, it fits really well and it doesn’t slip and slide once you find your proper size. No matter what you choose to use it for, it proves itself adequate to protect and support your knees from pain and injury.

Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve

Get back to running, golfing, playing sports or whatever you used to enjoy doing before your chronic pain with the Winzone Knee Brace. It supports your knees without restricting movement so you are free to move however you want to.  It’s 100% neoprene and will not slip or get hot, and will remain comfortable no matter how long you’re wearing it.


  • Run, play sports, and do everyday chores without pain and instability
  • Provides great support to the knees
  • It stays comfortable even after long hours of wear
  • It keeps your knees supported without being stiff or restricting movement
  • Dual size stabilizers for maximum protection
  • Fully adjustable for a perfect fit


  • It’s an extra-strength knee support sleeve that supports and protects your knees from pain.
  • It’s perfect for protecting your knee as it heals from injury, leading to a quicker recovery time.
  • The material fits well and can be adjusted further without restricting movement.
  • It feels high-quality and will last for a long time.
  • It’s a great support garment for any type of exercise, including intense running and high-impact
  • It’s easy to put on and take off.


Do anything you want with the Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve. You can use it either for sports or for everyday chores, and you will be free from pain from injury or chronic conditions. It’s comfortable while fitting snugly without restricting movement, so we recommend this to anyone who is suffering from pain and having trouble being active.

Bracoo Knee Support

This is the knee support sleeve for people who hate having to deal with sweaty skin and limited movement due to stiff knee braces. Bracoo combines superior technology and design and medical facts to deliver effective support and protection of knees from injury, post-surgery pain, arthritis, sprain, and uncomfortable situations. Its open patella ensures you don’t get pressure on your knees, and the breathable material prevents sweat from building underneath.


  • Open-patella design
  • Relieves pressure and stress on the knee-joint during exercise, physical activities and heavy usage
  • Effectively relieves acute and chronic knee pain from arthritis, sprains, strains, and fatigue
  • Perfect for post-surgery recovery and preventing sports injuries
  • Makes sure the knee cap remains in a proper position with reinforced stabilizer ring
  • Lowers the risk of injury by guiding the kneecap into proper motion
  • Comes with Velcro straps that can be attached anywhere on the knee sleeve and prevents slipping and sliding
  • Offers improved blood circulation to the muscles and tendons
  • Comfortable when worn


  • It’s a very lightweight and comfortable brace. It doesn’t feel too tight or stiff.
  • It fits well so it stays in place. No sliding and slipping down.
  • The Velcro straps are helpful in making sure you get to adjust the sleeve to a perfect fit.
  • It supports the knees throughout any workout or physical activity.
  • The open-patella makes sure that your movement is not restricted, so you feel more comfortable than with other knee sleeves.
  • It protects your knees from injury.
  • It reduces pain and discomfort on injured knees.


  • None

The Bracoo Knee Support is a nice option if you are looking for a knee brace that will let you adjust it freely so you get the best fit. Since the Velcro straps can attach themselves anywhere on the sleeve. You can comfortably run, work at home, or play sports without the fear of pain or pressure on the knees.

The Verdict

Which one of the top five knee braces do we think is the best?
All five of these knee braces are worth checking out because they have performed well and have done everything they claim to. If you have been suffering from chronic pain, major injury, or are recovering from surgery, look into any of these five and you will most likely find the perfect knee brace for you.
However, if we were to choose only one, we would pick the UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support. It performs well in any activity you could possibly think of.
Play intense sports, exercise, lift weights, run miles, and do cross training in it and it won’t let you down. If you have recently been in surgery and are recovering, this is the perfect equipment to accompany you as you try to heal because it doesn’t just reduce pain, but it gets rid of inflammation and stiffness in your muscles and joints, too.
Of course, everyone’s body and condition is different, so don’t forget to consult with your doctor regarding the best type of knee brace to help you recover and/or protect your knees.

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